Human Resources

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Preparing this portfolio has enabled me to explore myself and identify my strengths and weaknesses that will help me in planning my career. I have compiled this portfolio with the objective of analyzing my skills and interests for framing my career objectives and overcome inherent weaknesses to help me achieve my goals.Common to all career problems is a gap between the reality that prevails and things we hope for (Lock, 2004, p2). Career decision can be complex and there are many factors influencing our choice. Individual interests and capabilities are the vital elements guiding our future career plan and vocational training that can help in realizing these plans. One of the pre-requisites for choosing the right career lies in identifying one’s strengths and interests that guide personal goals and objectives. This involves introspection of personal needs, skills, aptitudes and capabilities that help in deciding on a specific field for the career. Individual career planning is based on the educational background, physical abilities, skills, competencies, economic situation, awareness of job markets, and circumstances that shape the choice of career (Rothwell, 2009). The choice of career is hence guided by individual capabilities and interests that match his personality traits and meet his financial needs.As part of my initiatives to explore and assess my skills in different categories, I undertook three psychometric tests that include abstract reasoning skills, verbal reasoning skills, and numerical reasoning skills. Psychometric tests are structured test formats that can be taken either online or by filling in responses in printed answer sheets. These tests usually consist of multiple choice questions that test the aptitude levels of individuals in different subject contexts. The effectiveness of these tests lies in the assessment of individual competencies and skills that can be used to promote specific areas of strength or overcome inherent weaknesses.