Human Resource Plan

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The efficiency of the workforce depends on the effectiveness of the company’s HR planning. HR plan should be relevant to the firm’s natural and environmental cultures and technological trends. HRM should comply with numerous regulations that are associated with the specific area of business

A code of ethics to a company means the set of principles and concepts that are designed by its operators to achieve the proposed objectives and goals by ensuring the collective effort of all employees, managers, and other individuals. It should also consider the requirements of the community, law, employees, and shareholders. This code of ethics is the basic principles of conduct that we are bound to maintain as managers, staff, and employees in order to accomplish the business objectives by ensuring the betterment of the company’s Human Resource.”

The company will follow the policy of maintaining a diverse workforce in every area of its business operation. HR diversity has its own multifaceted advantages in the marketing and managerial functions of an organization. It has been assumed that a diverse workforce would avail potential individuals with a variety of talents who will also have experience and knowledge about a wide range of customers (Weightman J., 2004, p.25). In addition to these advantages, the policy intends to comply with legislation on Equal opportunity and Discrimination.

The debate over mandatory retirement and age discrimination has recently been intensified. In the UK, employers can force workers to retire exactly at the age of 65 without paying any redundancy. According to the Default Retirement Age Act of 2006, employees can request the employer to retain their employment after 65. and the employer has the right either to accept or to reject the request. The law has recently been upheld by the Court allowing employers to fire workers at the age of 65 (BBC News).&nbsp.&nbsp.