Human Resource Management

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Complicating the problem is the problems faced in the continuing task of recruiting and hiring qualified and experienced workers out of a pool of individuals that are almost nomadic in their habit of moving around.
The first step to effective recruiting is to fully understand the type of employees the store needs and what skills and knowledge the employees need to succeed. Skills are those abilities needed to perform the job while knowledge is what the employee needs to know to perform the job. The second step is to identify potential employees who have the necessary skills and knowledge. Here the store needs to draw people in from outside its traditional pools like former employees, volunteers, homemakers, students, family members of present employees, older workers, people with mental or physical disabilities, ethnic minorities, people new to the community, people looking for part-time work ,people currently on welfare or assistance. The next step is to how to reach the people in these groups and let them know about opportunities at the store. Traditional methods such as job postings or classified advertising should not be ignored but the store should be prepared to expand beyond this especially when the store is trying to reach groups of people who have not been reached through traditional recruiting techniques. Here are some creative ways to notify people about employment opportunities: Meet representatives from minority agencies within the community, post notices at youth centers, advertise on bulletin boards, at the supermarket, library, health club, child care center, family restaurants, etc. ,place fliers on car windshields in parking lots, distribute leaflets at immigrant settlement centers, have an older worker to speak at a senior