Human Resource Management of MAS Linea Aqua

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The MAS Competencies represents the range of competencies that supports successful performance in job roles within the organization. It describes behaviors that will make a person competent and successful. MAS’s competency framework (Noe, 2007, 4): Provides a framework for effective performance. Provides a common language to improve performance and develop. Focuses on how (attitudes and behaviors) and not just what activities are performed. Attitudes and behaviors are observable and measurable, and thereby increase objectivity. Once the Induction program is completed the recruit will be directed to his/her respective department. The employee will first undergo on the job training for a duration depending on the position and the department. During this period the employee is required to understand the core functions of the job. Thereafter he/she will undergo further training in other departments, which are directly relevant to his / her day-to-day activities. The departmental manager and HR manager will identify the duration and the schedule of this program. MAS being an ethical apparel manufacturer believe that the employees are the most valuable asset. Linea Aqua, as an SBU of MAS, offers a large number of reward schemes to its employees with the intention of uplifting their living standards and to motivate them to perform at best in their job role (Kane amp. Grant, 2009, 494-515). Transport, Food, Medical facilities, Scholarships to their children, EPF and ETF contributions are some of the basic hygiene factors that they offer (Schweiger and Sumners, 2007, 3-7). Apart from above, there are a number of work/performance-related reward schemes that Linea Aqua offers to its employees. One of the most popular rewarding schemes is Women Go Beyond awards which are offered annually (Pfeffer, 2005, 95-106). This is not only performance-based but also it involves other achievements in their personal lives.