Human Resource Management Issues and Law Enforcement

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The first is recruitment and hiring since that is where human resource management begins in actuality. The second is the issue of personality profiling and profiling in general for law enforcement which is also an ethical issue. The third is the issue of reward and performance management which can be taken jointly since good performance in any organization has to be rewarded as a matter of course.Since human resource management begins with recruitment and hiring, the two central issues for a law enforcement agency undergoing a drive for recruitment and hiring process can be understood as the need to follow anti-discrimination practices and equal opportunity guidelines (Lockwood, 2005). Simply put, all candidates must be viewed and hired based on their strengths and weaknesses as applicants without giving any weight to their race, gender, age, physical abilities except in situations where such requirements are an intrinsic part of the job (Alleyne, 2005). As reported by Clarke (2005), a lot remains to be done in this particular field since law enforcement agencies, as well as other organizations, have been questioned on their ability to ensure good recruitment practices.Given that the nature of the job in modern law enforcement often includes guidelines for inclusion for officers who may have a disability and makes accessibility a mandatory requirement, there are very few exceptions to the ethical guidelines as well as the legal requirements which can be obtained by an agency. Without exception, recruiters for the law should follow ethical principles and it should be assumed by them that the ethical hiring rules apply in the fullest sense during the hiring process.Even before a person is hired, there are can be professional requirements which must be followed in the selection and interview process which mainly deal with ensuring confidentiality and the privacy of all candidates seeking positions with the agency.