Human Resource Management in Business

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The tasks will then be separately analyzed and towards the end, an argument will be presented whether or not these tasks can be outsourced or not. In conclusion, the relationship between strategic human resource management and outsourcing human resource tasks will be studied.Strategic human resource management is a very complicated process which has not yet fully been developed. It is still being studied and we witness continuous improvements in it at all times. This is the reason why there is no one definition or explanation for what it is. However, in order to understand what strategic human resource planning is, we need to first understand the term strategic planning.Strategic planning is when an organization links all its planned decisions with the intended objective of the organization. This helps it improve its overall performance. An individual or organization sets their broad goals, describes a strategy or strategies to achieve them and identifies how it can improve from previous experiences. A strategy is developed while planning which deeply studies and analyses how this particular strategy that is devised will affect the future of the organization and attainment of organizational goals. Every detail of the strategy is given a lot of concentration and this is done by using techniques like resource allocation, cost-benefit analysis, SWOT analysis etc. It helps an organization decide how it is going to function in the future. Therefore, Strategic Human Resource Planning is linking the human resource function with the strategic objectives of the organization in order to improve performance. Scholar in 1992 describes strategic human resource management as ‘all those behaviors of individuals in their efforts to formulate and implement the strategic needs of a business’.