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Information Management (MBA) pro 4" Human Resource Management &amp. Information Management (MBA) Pro 4 Task Human Resource Management &amp. Information Management (MBA) Pro 4
Brady Corporation has to come up with a structured plan that will incorporate all its resources in order to inject cost efficiency within its operations, as well as, increase its market share and profits. This involves a proper evaluation of the HR management and Information management. The Business issue under scrutiny reviews the SWOT and Porters 5 Forces analysis, alongside the threats and weaknesses that affect the performance of the business. Some of the threats identified are new market entrants, new business models such as e-commerce and e-delivery and several changes in the needs of its target customers.
The company has to align its business to n effective IS response giving it significant ground in the market. The IS that Brady Corporation was currently operating on did not support its business model since it made use of antique systems that were unable to communicate. As such, the IS response taken for the greater good of the business was to undertake a complete overhaul of the entire business processes of the company on a global scale, as well as, enabling them digitally. The results were phenomenal, with an annual revenue growth of 15%, a 2% reduction in operating expense, and an increase in internet orders by 50%.
The roll out was successful because both the managers and employees had prior knowledge over its importance. Furthermore, the best people got the privilege of spearheading the change process, whereby all the processes mapped with their experts and owners. As such, this spectacular achievement answered the authors question on whether Brady Corporation could redesign its systems for success. The change from old processes to new processes enabled the corporation to revamp its profitability, as well as, re-establish its position in the industry.
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