Human Resource Development for Westway Land

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Because the soft learning of management training is not measured currently, Westway Land requires a different human resources model to determine management growth in training using a Critical Incidents Technique and alterations to how HR approaches the assessment of management learning.
Because the movement from a junior-level position to a middle management position requires maintaining the specific skills and competencies necessary to fulfill a higher-influence role in business activities, Westway Land requires a template by which these competencies can be measured from identified trainee to trainee. The critical incidents technique describes a series of hypothetical management situations or other relevant encounters, asking for a specific solution from trainee members regarding how best to appropriately handle these situations. Based on the individual demands of the business, whether the middle management positions entail heavy customer interaction or simply the organisation of subordinate employee job roles, the critical incidents template can be constructed at a relatively low cost, with low staff investment in its design, to capture the essence of management job roles after training has occurred.
Because the systems and processes already exist at the company which measure individual job performance and clearly outline the role responsibilities in management positions, the critical incidents techniques should be constructed with 10-15 unique circumstances, calling for an ultimate qualitative analysis of assessed manager responses. Lau and Neal (2009) offer that significant contributions to what drives employee satisfaction are job security, communication, autonomous working environments, and compensation. With this in mind, from a rather practical HR viewpoint, if the junior manager’s new role (upon training completion) will involve a heavy focus on staff interventions and project leadership roles, assessment criteria built into the new critical&nbsp.incidents template will involve several real-life scenarios of internal situations relevant to the operations of Westway.&nbsp.