Human Resource as a Management Field

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I am planning to continue with my postgraduate degree in HR at Keele University as I look forward to working in the Saudi embassy in London has got an offer from them last summer. I have had a short stint in employment amid learning breaks and this combine to form a good practical experience relationship with the theories in Human resource practices. I am headed to finish my Human resource studies by 14-6-2014 with greater dreams of becoming an outstanding manager. My stay in Riyadh as an operator in the call center opened my eyes to basic human resource management skills from how my manager uses to achieve his goals through us. From there, I decided to improve on his weak points and capitalize further on the learned strengths from him. I, therefore, look forward to improving human resource policies when I complete my studies.
In the dream of any committed individual to achieve excellence and I have not been an exception. After finishing High school, my engagement in the call center gave me an insight into the management practices that can foster prosperity in an organization. Dealing with employees particularly seemed to be unique to me considering the complex concept if coordinating functions and duties of each employee. I developed a craving desire to pursue human resource program so that one day I could put the observed and textbook theories into practice. A bank is very busy, and efficient service delivery requires sound management strategy which focuses on the customer satisfaction and overall business performance. In this regard, I realized that our performance in the call center was a product of outstanding personnel management strategies under the Human resource management (Danielson, 2007, pg. 54). The other critical aspect of this management field is its practical application. It combines theory with practice hence exciting and dynamic.