Human and Animal Interrelationships in Alices Adventures

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The author has brilliantly utilized this scope of human-animal interaction throughout the story. These are the reasons why I chose the book ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ for this particular assignment.Alice gets tired of sitting by her sister who has been reading a book. Alice cannot comprehend the fun of reading a book which does not have images or conversation in it. Suddenly a white rabbit runs past by her as if he will be late to reach the destination. Although there was nothing remarkable about the rabbit, Alice gets wondered when he takes a watch out of his waistcoat. Alice runs after the animal and thoughtlessly follows it down the tunnel-like rabbit hole. The tunnel immediately turns to be a well that she cannot prevent herself from falling. She keeps falling slowly for a long time and on her way down she sees that the sides of the well are covered with shelves. She believes that she would reach a different world. She confronts strange experiences underneath. She drinks the content of the bottle she finds and shrinks immediately.Although the animal ‘rabbit’ in the chapter has some symbolic significance, from the viewpoint of animal-human interaction, the two characters play vital roles. Alice, though she does not converse with the rabbit, is highly influenced by its appearance and mannerism, for she thoughtlessly follows it down the rabbit hole. It clearly indicates the natural relationship between human beings and animals.Alice eats a cake that says EAT ME and grows to nine feet tall that she cannot even manage to see the doorway. She weeps and strangely her gigantic tears form a pool at her feet (Carroll 18). Although the rabbit reappears he leaves immediately before Alice could speak something. She makes herself believe that she is not Alice but her friend Mabel.