HSA 535 WK10 DB1 and DB2

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HSA 535 WK10 DB1 and DB2 Affiliation Speech The HAS health care is quite an enjoyable I have done so far, I have been able to understand the importance of various health care issues, especially when they are looked at from the community’s viewpoint. Understanding the various health care issues in every state is vital to help in eradicating such issues depending on the prevalence in every state. This course has allowed me to have a closer look at these issues by working on various assignments that point towards that direction.HSA 535 WK10 DB1 and DB2 The most surprising thing that is in this case is the increased rate of infants dying from sudden infant death syndrome. Although the causes of the infant’s deaths from SID have not yet been established, there is clear need of creating awareness to the mothers. The young mothers need to ensure that they take care of the sleeping positions of the infants so that do not cause their deaths. Additionally, young mothers should be taught on how to talk care of their children, especially when they are sleeping on the baby cots, because that is where many infant deaths occur (Fowler et al., 2013). Therefore, to reduce the alarming rate of deaths caused by SID, mothers should be informed on the ways to lay their babies while they sleep the right food to eat while pregnant to avoid low birth weights and keeping the babies warm to avoid respiratory infections.ReferenceFowler, A. J., Evans, P. W., Etchegaray, J. M., Ottenbacher, A., amp. Arnold, C. (2013). Safe Sleep Practices and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Risk Reduction NICU and Well-Baby Nursery Graduates. Clinical pediatrics, 52(11), 1044-1053.Alesha Your post was very informative and I agree with your point of view, because childhood obesity is not only a problem in Georgia, but also the whole of the United States. Lack of physical education in school and at home has contributed greatly to the increased number of children with obesity in Georgia. Therefore, making it important for the schools to change the nutrition program and increase physical activity to reduce the number of obese children. Lam PhamI agree with you on the focus of health services management should be and that is the on the health population they serve and not on the fiscal health of the institutions. This means we need a change of agents in the health care system in relation to aligning economic and social objectives to allow the improvement of population health. Question 2This course has been informative and there are various concepts that I have learned. First, there is need for creation of awareness in areas that are causing deaths, especially on the infants. Secondly, there is implementation of information technology in the health care field. Thirdly, effective health care delivery through skillful performance and critical thinking. These concepts will be useful in my current and future position in the sense that, I will implement the use of information technology to advance the medical field. Additionally, through critical thinking and skillful performance I will manage to advise the patients accordingly. For a person who is not in the medical field these they would apply these lessons by understanding the need to have the right medical care by having medical attention from skilled professionals (Muller, Bezuidenhout amp. Jooste, 2006). For example, they would research on the best people to take care of their medical problem and also research on the underlying issues of their condition to have a better understanding of what they are going through in relation to their health. ReferenceMuller, M., Bezuidenhout, M., amp. Jooste, K. (2006).Health care service management. Cape Town: Juta.Response: Lam PhamQuite an informative Lam, it gives an application of the lessons learned in class on other persons and how their decisions affect their health. The need to take precaution in each and everything a person does is important in order to avoid various health risks. ChamI enjoyed reading your post in the sense that, if a person who is not in the medical field were to use these lessons they would be informed on various health care issues that arise in people’s day to day lives and activities.