HR Strategic Plan for the company I work for thhe company

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It also set out new strategic directions and an action plan for implementation.
A team headed by the Vice President, Human Resource Management has been inaugurated to monitor the implementation of the plan. The consulting firm is expected to evaluate plan implementation quarterly and present a comprehensive report to the Board of Directors, and also prepare and present an annual report at each AGM.
JP Lexington was incorporated in the USA in 1978. It is essentially into manufacturing of electric generating sets and water pumping machines but has ventured into production of electrical and electronic accessories of automobiles. The company has its first and biggest plant at Ann Arbor, Michigan and three other plants in Virginia, Texas and Hawaii. JP Lexington has also successfully opened and operated offshore branches in Malaysia, Singapore and China. Its expansion plan included acquisition and partnership with firms in China and India for new or adaptive trademarks.
The company’s headquarters in Ann Arbor and regional marketing offices in Brasilia, Brazil (for South America and the Caribbean), Abuja, Nigeria (for Africa), Dubai, UAE (for Middle East), Shanghai, China (for East and Central Asia), Moscow, Russia (for Russia, Caucasia and East Europe) and Amsterdam, the Netherlands (for West and Central Europe and Scandinavia). The company currently has 12,578 salaried employees and over 5,900 casualized employees.
The company and its industry-specific, sector-wide and economic environment was x-rayed to identify the following strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, which this strategic plan is designed to explore and transform.
JP Lexington will in the next 10 years advance to the next level in the use of environmentally-friendly technology. It will continue producing sophisticated version of its old products buts will systematically divert is energy, resources and competencies into