HP Settles Spying with N Y Times

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It is evidently clear from the discussion that HP as the global producer and international giant is specialized in manufacturing, production, assembling and marketing of various hardware equipment and software programs for its large pool of actual and potential buyers that appreciate and endorse the ideas and market offerings of Hewlett Packard (HP). Personal computers, laptops and notebooks, computer accessories, peripheral devices such as scanners, external storage devices, variety of printers including desktop, laser, inkjet and large plotters etc, home servers, monitors, calculators, handhelds (Personal Digital Assistants) and computer maintenance services are among the major products offered by HP to consumers worldwide. The famous board chairperson of Hewlett Packard named board Ms. Patricia Dunn took the assistance of an outside investigative firm mainly because one of the Directors leaked HP’s private board meeting’s discussion and progress. Ms. Patricia Dunn actually wanted to discover who (was the culprit) provided secret information to the personnel associated with print and internet media (Wall Street Journal). The paper will first throw light over the business case and will then demonstrate the ethical considerations by analyzing Utilitarian and Deontological theories of business ethics. It should be pointed out that Ms. Patricia Dunn discovered about information leaks when CNET, which is a famous online technology publisher, openly published a story about upcoming HP products, long-term strategic goals, plans and strategies that were going to be implemented to strengthen international producer and seller’s market position, reputation and goodwill.