How well Durex is managing their product line and make recommendations for the future

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The same set of benefits from more products lead to ambiguity and consumer choose one on the cost of other, which often decline the market share for one product in favor of other.The onion is designed from the philosophy and commitment of business for providing aid maintaining health of people while allowing living happily. Company is maintaining product’s life with augmented product line and that’s strategy seems viable increase product life.Product life cycle refers to the actual position of the brand and its product line the market (Grieves, 2005a). Four phases of the time shows the future potential of growth for making investments (Terzi et al., 2010). These four phases include (Grieves, 2005b):Maturity where brand successfully achieved its potential growth and generating high revenues while moving towards expectancy by loosing essence by the time. Here investment is made to operate and reinforce the brand.The product life cycle is derived from the fact that Durex is earning high revenues and expanding the maturity phase by continuous extensions in product and communications as the blue line in the given graphic shows the extensions of brand to survive in long-run.Griffin (2012) described BCG (Boston Consulting Group) matrix as the evaluation tool for the relative to other brand present in the market. BCG technique is utilized to plot the potential of the product in the market and make investments accordingly (Schawel amp. Billing, 2014. Johnson et al., 2011). Four quarters of the matrix presents following categories (Doherty amp. Lu, 2012):The matrix shows evidence that brand is in the phase of moving from Stars to cash cows and relatively occupy a very large market share, so the competition level for the brand is not very vital in short-term. By looking at the market growth, Dettol is at the top position, which give the idea that in long-run brand will have to face competition also for investment decisions of