How To Respond To Workforce Diversity Challege

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196). Although the associates are interdependent parties in the workplace, respecting one’s individual differences can positively increase the organizational productivity. Workforce diversity can lead to reduction of lawsuits and boost marketing opportunities, creativity, business image, and recruitment. In a period when creativity and flexibility are the factors of competitiveness, diversity will be critical for the organization’s success (Erlenkamp 2007, p. 6). On the other hand, workforce diversity if not well managed can pose a serious challenge to this organization hence lowering the organization’s productivity. A senior manager should understand the challenges in managing workforce diversity in an organization. The manager should understand that managing workforce diversity is challenging than simply acknowledging employees’ differences (Paludi 2012, p. 23). A senior manager should be able to recognize the values of all differences in the organization, promoting inclusiveness, and combating discrimination. Diversity in the workplace has caused managers in the organization a challenge with losses in work productivity and personnel due to discrimination, prejudice, complaints, and legal accomplishments against the organization. Managers must use appropriate measures to respond to workforce diversity challenges (Cornelius 2002, p. 258). This is because diversity negative behaviors and attitudes can be obstacles to the organizational diversity because they harm employees working relationships, destroy morale, and work productivity. Required tool that senior managers should use to manage diversity Effective senior managers are conscious that, there are key skills that are necessary for ensuring a profitable,…
The managerial and executive teams’ commitment to an organization is necessary. Managers and leaders within organizations need to incorporate diversity measures into all aspects of the function and purpose of the organization. Diversity attitudes in an organization originate at the topmost level filtering downwards. Management participation and cooperation are essential to ensure a cultural conducive environment for the success of the organization’s plan. Recommendation: A senior manager should ensure utilization of diversity training in the organization. Diversity training should be in use in order to shape the organization’s diversity policy. Recommendation: A senior manager must promote an attitude of openness in the organization. This includes encouraging employees to speak out their opinions and ideas in order to attribute an equal value sense for all. Conclusion. A diverse workforce in an organization is a total reflection of a transforming marketplace and the world. Diverse work groups bring positive values to an organization. Respecting the employees’ differences will be an added advantage in the workplace since this creates a competitive environment and increases the organization’s productivity. Workforce diversity management is advantageous to associates since it creates a safe and fair environment where all employees have access to challenges and opportunities. A diverse workforce management tool should be practiced to train all employees about issues of diversity.