HOW to read the Bible for all its Worth Gordon Fee Douglas Stuart

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Its scriptures were written in order to make an impact on society. The Bible helps Christians understand their religion. Before modern times, the Bible was in a few written languages. In today’s time, the Bible is consisted of many languages so that its readings can be understood by many. The Bible has had a major influence on individuals and on the literature today. When people read the Bible, there is acquisition of divine inspiration and depending on the reader, there is the acceptance of the teachings that the Bible teaches. Criticism of the Biblical has been present since when the Bible gained popularity. Criticism is the investigation that an individual does to the Bible in order to bring out the required text. Though the Bible has gained popularity and acceptance from society, some have been against the Bible in terms of it being a source of information and guidance. Many have supported the idea that the Bible is an accurate description of the actual events that happened and also the main source of guidance. In this essay, attention will be focused on the book, How to read the Bible for all its worth and determine whether the authors have in mind the real meaning of the Holy book of scriptures2. The book, written by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart, is a book that has been written with the intention of guiding individuals to study the Bible in a structured way. The set of the book is simple. It starts with the importance of the need to interpret the bible. Then it also looks at the various translations that have come to exist since the Bible came into existence. When the two authors were writing this book, their aim was to help Christians understand how the Scriptures in the Bible can be understood by context3. Their main aim was to help them by showing Christians how to approach the various meanings and genres that are within the Scripture. Christians should know how to apply the scriptures in their everyday life and this is a concern the authors had in mind while writing the book. The summary of the book is simple. it shows Christians the need and importance of interpreting the Bible. It also shows the importance of a good translation as this goes a long way in terms of understanding and applying the scriptures. The authors have managed to succeed in their mission, as many Christians have been able to relate the Bible to the real world that they live in. For most of the literature in the book, it is safe to say that they are worthy or praise apart from a few areas that require critique.4 One area worthy of praise is the fact that they have managed to address an area that churches have not been able to address yet they emphasize on reading the Bible but do not show their followers how to do it. The authors emphasize on the understanding of the context and all the aspects that are involved in reading the scriptures. This is something that the churches have failed to do.5 That is one thing that is worth of praise of the authors and their book. They have explained the translations of the Bible in a clear and profound manner. Another thing worth of praise is how they bring out the narratives from the Old Testament. They do so in a way that readers understand them in the context that is required. The purpose of such narratives is so that people can personally relate to them. so that they can improve on their ethics and learn from the narratives.