How to quit smoking

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How to Quit Smoking Introduction Smoking has become part of daily lives for many people. Many people smoke to reduce stress. Many people don’t know the reason why smoking is so dangerous. People only know that these are all facts. Studies prove that millions of people die every year because of smoking. This essay describes that nicotine gum can help to reduce smoking.Thesis statementNicotine gum can help to quit smoking.DiscussionNicotine is the addictive chemical that is used in tobacco. Millions of people die every year but still it does not stop to quit smoking. The temptation and addiction towards smoking makes difficult for individual to quit smoking (Glynn, 2002). There are several methods that can help to quit smoking. Nicotine gum is one method that can help to quit smoking only when it is used to as a program to change the behavior. Nicotine gum can help to control cravings and also withdrawal symptom. It can help to double the rate of quitting.It can become hard for people to quit smoking when they are addicted towards it. Nicotine gum contains nicotine which makes people to addict towards smoking. Nicotine released after chewing nicotine gum helps to replace some of the nicotine that was stored during smoking cigarettes. Nicotine level in the gun is in less quantity that that of cigarettes. It can help to reduce withdrawal symptoms such as frustration, irritability, anger and anxiety (Krumhol, 2002). Nicotine gum helps to avoid Carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals that acquired from smoking. Most smokers want to quit smoking but the addiction towards it makes difficult. Of course one needs good support to help them quit smoking (Goldberg, 2009). Nicotine gum is the first step that can help to quit smoking (Gansler, 2010). Ultimately it is up to the smoker to decide what is good for them. Smokers who are prepared to quit smoking must have this gum to control their urge to quit smoking (Brannon, 2013). The urge of smoking may evolve only when someone quit smoking. But people who want to quit smoking must be prepared to control their addiction. But if someone don’t plan for their urges then they are most likely to smoke again (Hales, 2008). Nicotine gums helps to remove cravings that are caused by smoking. People must have sufficient willpower to quit smoking. Nicotine gum is helpful when people are strongly tempted towards smoking (Carlson, 2004). Each puff of smoking cigarette emits 4700 different harmful chemical compounds. Information shows that are very fatal and every day millions of people die to smoking (Foody, 2007). In short smokers can get many types of diseases. one of the very common diseases is cancer which can occur in different part of body (Hanson, 2011). Nicotine gum can reduce the tendency of smoking with a very powerful effect in mind, so it can be strongly recommended as an anti-smoking agent.ConclusionIn conclusion, success on this endeavor is solely up to the individual who wants to reduce smoking. If people are devoted to stop smoking, then nicotine gum can provide solution. It can not only help to stop smoking but also help to remove craving and withdrawal symptoms.ReferencesBrannon, L. (2013). Health Psychology. Stamford: Cengage Learning.Carlson, K. (2004). The New Harvard Guide to Women’s Health. New York: Harvard University Press.Foody, J. (2007). Preventive Cardiology. New York: Springer.Gansler, T. (2010). Reduce Your Cancer Risk. New York: Demos Medical Publishing. Glynn, T., and Manley, M. (2002). How to help your Patients Stop Smoking. London: Diane Publishing.Goldberg, R. (2009). Drugs across the Spectrum. Stamford: Cengage Learning. Hales, D. (2008). An Invitation to Health 2009-2010. Stamford: Cengage Learning.Hanson, G. (2011). Drugs and Society. London: Jones amp. Bartlett.Hughes, D. (2009). If a Caveman Can Quit Smoking. New York: Author House.Krumhol, H. (2002). Smoking quit it before Your Life Quits you. London: Routledge.