How to prevent an overmedicated society

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How to prevent overmedication of the current society Medicine field is experiencing constant advancement leading to new treatments as well as cures for numerous medical problems that human experience. This increases life expectancies and also significantly reduces suffering related to countless conditions and disease. Currently there is medication for almost everything and almost every member of the society is one at least a prescription drug. This overdependence on drugs is what is referred to as overmedication. Even though it improves lives of people, overmedication is dangerous and should be avoided. The paper present ways of preventing overmedication of the current society. A number of solutions are available for preventing overmedication. A more effective way for preventing overmedication is through treating bodies well before a person gets sick to prevent sicknesses from creeping in. Individuals need to east healthy and balanced diet, exercise well and regularly, drink plenty water, avoid the intake of toxins like alcohol and smoking and get enough sleep. All of these activities contribute to a healthy immune system thereby truly keeping a person’s body healthy and free from sicknesses (Reger-Nash, 6). Individuals need to be more aware of their health, question what is really in food and become very fit so as to avoid developing conditions like obesity. The second effective solution is taking care of the environment. We need to care for the environment for it always takes better care of us. Individuals need to be skeptical about certain prescribed medications. We need to see prescription as last resort and not as the first suggestion for any condition. For instance, in the case of depression, we need to first explore other forms of treatment like exercise and counseling and only seek prescription only after such ways have been attempted and found to be unsuccessful. Therapy for depression should be made common to prevent overmedication (Reger-Nash, 6). In addition, individuals need to understand the problem as well as the solution to avoid medication. Most importantly individuals need to know their bodies and understand what works for them individually. Even though sometimes people want to do something for them to appear to be in control of the situation, the best method of preventing overmedication is to wait and ride the condition out (Reger-Nash, 6). The immune system often beats the cold virus if given a chance. The high blood system could be managed by simply reducing the salt intake instead of taking medication every morning. Since we are living in an overmedicated society, it has become the normality to use drugs every now and then because we have adopted a culture advocating for a quick bandaid fix. Jumping into conclusion that the society is overmedicated is same as discrediting how beneficial antidepressants are to many people who actually need them. In addition, it is wrong to assume that healthy life help prevent sicknesses because even the most health conscious people eventually get sick (Reger-Nash, 6).In conclusion, the current society is overmedicated and corrective actions like healthy living should be employed in preventing the dangerous effecting of relying too much on drugs. Individuals should question the components of the drugs or their prescriptions to avoid dangerous drug errors. Work cited Reger-Nash, Bill, Meredith Smith, and Gregory Juckett. Foundations of Wellness. , 2015. Print.