How to Become a Good Employee

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The second fallacy is that of helplessness which a certain co-worker of mine applied in his real life. He would always complain of too much paperwork and that he could not help himself out of the situation. The truth of the matter is that he practiced time management well and set his priorities straight, he would not be missing the deadlines given to him. Because of his attitude, we shoulder the burden along with him because he is part of our department. Sadly, he doesn’t want to be helped and all of us are affected in the workplace. What I did was just exert the best effort possible to do my job and focus so that I would accomplish my own job.
The third fallacy is that of approval. I learned that not all the time, one should please others to get their approval. Because of this wrong attitude, I cannot refuse the request of my co-workers and it came to a point where they abused my kindness. When I realized this was happening to me, I taught myself to say “ no” when I could not really afford to do errands or favor from some of my co-workers. It was difficult but I had to discipline myself or suffer the consequences of being treated poorly. Later, my co-workers realized that I had changed and they stopped pushing me around which I earned my respect.