How to achieve HR Operational Excellence in Global Corporations

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In order to survive in this tough competitive world it has become essential to achieve organizational excellence. Organizational excellence is a broad term and encompasses excellence in every department of the organization including finance, marketing HR and operations. In order to achieve excellence it is absolutely essential to have an integration of key departments of an organization. This has been aided by use of high end technology in business processes which include functional integration packages like an ERP which help in linking the different departments of an organization under one single unit. Organizations are also employing different efficiency techniques like TQM and Six Sigma in their operations which have helped them in creating competitive advantage in the business markets. Operational excellence has become the buzzword for business organizations across the globe. Multinational organizations like Wal-Mart and UPS have developed expertise by employing technologies which has helped in integration of departments as well as generation of organization efficiency. Wal-Mart is a classic example which has set benchmarks in the retail industry by adopting an efficient ERP program which has helped in creating large scale competitive advantage as well as generation of economies of scale and scope which have helped in creating entry barriers for organizations trying to capture the market share in a consumer market. This assumes considerable importance considering the fact that organizations need to have efficiencies so as to sustain the level of competition. Adoption of efficiencies also assumes significance considering the fact that business organizations operate in rapidly changing situations which demand greater flexibilities form the organization. This is only possible when an organization adopts innovations in operations and operational excellence as a part of its business strategy. Operational and organizational excellence includes three essential components. Firstly it requires the top management of an organization to have the vision so as to identify the crucial factors at an appropriate time. these factors should be such that they help in adding value to the organization as well as to all the stakeholders including the customers of an organization. Secondly, organizational efficiency also calls upon organizations to achieve excellence and other necessary technological machinery so as to achieve large scale efficiencies in the organization. Thirdly organizational excellence and efficiencies also requires organizations to have the ability to ensure continuous betterment of business operations and its sustainability in the long run. Innovations are also crucial for organizations in their quest for organizational excellence as they not only generate organizational excellence but also help in generating competitive advantage in the form of cost savings and value addition to the product offering. Adopting innovations in processes like procurement help in generating cost advantage for an organization whose benefits could be passed on to the consumers to add value and affordability in the product offer