How the Liberal Democracies in the Western States Such the US U K and France Changed

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Modern democracy can be dated from the late 18th century although medieval Poland and some states of the Greek cities had democratic aspects. Democracy as the rule by people. In order for a country to be considered democratic, it should choose its leaders using competitive and fair elections. It should adhere to the constitution and ensure fundamental civil liberties. While some analysts assert that a democracy needs to have a strong civil society, civic culture, and capitalist economy, others do not include these criteria when defining democracy. Democratization is, therefore, the process by which a country adopts such a regime as defined above. This means that when a country is democratized, it is democratic. It also means that every other person is entitled to his or her opinion regarding matters that concern governance. Unlike dictatorial regimes where one voice speaks and others follow, in democratic regimes it is the voices of the majority rule. This means that in the case of elections or matters that bring disagreement, every person is given an opportunity to stand by what he or she thinks is the right option. As stated above democratization is a relatively recent practice. In the early days, monarchs ruled nations. These were kings and queens and in some cases, the church. The king’s word was final. What the king would declare or order to be done was considered the final word and anybody objecting would be punished severely, sometimes with execution. In these regimes, the word ‘order’ was a common word. The king would order things to be done or implemented (Darl 1971, 89). However, with the advent of democracy, the people would elect leaders.