How Might Leadership Affect Safety Management

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Managing the health and safety of the people is not only considered as being socially responsible but it should be considered as the main objective of the organization.
The safety of the employees in the organization is the responsibility of everyone. It is a matter of concern, especially for the construction industry. While discussing the topic the effect of Leadership on safety management it is observed that leadership and safety are closely and directly related to each other. The leadership provides importance on profit, productivity and worker satisfaction. It is regarded that safety is considered as one of the parameters for analyzing the effectiveness of leadership (Hughes and Ferrett, 2011).
Safety management is designed to identify and minimize risk at the workplace. The importance and significance of such management affect the performance of the business in a negative way if they are designed and formulated in a bureaucratic manner or affect positively if they are designed to function effectively and efficiently. In order to create a positive impact, safety management must function smoothly (Crutchfield and Roughton, 2013).
Leadership can be termed as a condition for success. The preventive approach can only be adopted by the organization if it is supported and followed by the management. An efficient leader is capable of providing direction to adopt a preventive approach. The management can highlight leadership by preventing safety and health risk at the workplace. The effective management of health and safety is considered as the key factor for the success of the business. It is required by the leader to identify the health and safety along with the leadership and then integrating and correlating it with other activities, duties, and responsibilities.&nbsp.