How far AND in what ways is money shown to be the central form of control in ‘A doll’s house’ and ‘The glass menagerie’

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Nora always demands money from her husband. Torvald loves Nora and treats her as a doll but cannot afford to give her want she wants. Here Mrs. Linde also married her husband because of money. So here money seems to have more value than love and affection and it totally controls the life of people. She needed large source of money and security so she married her husband. In the play, Nora is constantly thinking of money and ways of attaining it. The money is of highest power in her life. Also her husband is finding ways to earn money as it is a means to make his wife happy. In the play, all the characters are influenced by money. In her effort to attain more money, Nora gets loan without her husband’s knowledge. The following quote shows how much Nora’s husband is terrified by loan and debts. Nora, Nora! Just like a woman! But seriously, Nora, you know what I think about that sort of thing. No debts, no borrowing. There’s something constrained, something ugly even, about a home that’s founded on borrowing and debt. (149) All the characters in the play are after money. Here , Krogstad also wants the repayment of loan back and he is also after money. Kristina also shows her fondness for money by explaining to Krogstad that she left him for money. Her actions are dictated by money and she is totally controlled by money. The attitude or behavior of all people in the play is controlled by money. The money as a power is creating many conflicts in the play. Here money is even giving gender roles as Torvald is accusing Nora of not understanding the value of money because she is a woman. Money is also reason why Nora is being dehumanized by her husband. We can see that from the following words Look, Nora, in lots of things, you’re still a child. I’m older than you in many ways and I’ve had a little more experience (184)Torvald even uses money to buy love for Nora and try to be her second father. It is money which is bringing Nora in to trouble as her wants and desires force her to borrow money .The loan intimidates her and make her spends less in order to pay back loan. So we can analyze here that even if we have enough money it still can make us more attracted towards it. Here Nora is blindly attracted to money and it is the central force controlling her. Even her husband is to an extent entrapped by money as he wants to earn more money to make his wife happy. So both these people are trying to buy happiness with money and it is the power factor in their life. Money gave them happiness but in the end it also harming their life. Money has shown to have so much power in this play that it is overtaking feeling like love, affection and trust. The few women here married for the sake of money which shows the way in which money can control’s one’s feeling. The love for money is beyond everything and people are materialistic in this play. The money is also making Nora lie to her husband so one can understand what all things money can make a person do. If it can make a relationship work, it can also break it. In the play, money fuels the character’s emotions, their actions and how they behave with one another. The play also shows how money is controlled by men and for the same reason it gives them power. Nora also becomes a pawn at the hands of Krogstad due to her want of money. Money is shown to weaken Nora’s emotion and make her do anything to attain it. It is her foolish love for money which makes her