How does odysseus progress through his adventures

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Odysseus Progress through His Adventures After spending at least seven years in the island of Ogygia as a love captive, Odysseus was yearning to return to his home. However, the titan daughter had requested her divine powers to guard him so that he does not leave the island. This marked the beginning of his adventures in the island. The first adventure that he encountered was dealing with an angry sea. Although he had lived alongside the sea, Odysseus had never come across the wrath of the god of the sea (Johnston web). As he was running away from the seashores, he went into the home of Polyphemus who was the king on a mono-eyed race that inhibited the island. However, the king was kind enough to arrange him a voyage to the mainland. His voyage was full of hilarious encounters and this contributed to his adventures. In the voyage, he experienced the wrath of the god of the sun. There vessel capsized although they had slaughtered cows to appease the gods. Odysseus survived the wreckage by holding onto a floating object. For nine days and nine nights, Odysseus remained in the sea under the mercy of the waves. In the ninth day, he found himself in the island of Ogygia (Johnston web). The inhabitants of the island were welcoming people and they sheltered him in a cave as a noble guest. After living in the island for three days, Odysseus discovered that the inhabitants of the island were religious people and they wanted him to be a part of their faith. He had numerous encounters as the islanders took him through different rites of passage. Works CitedJohnston, Ian. Lecture on the Odyssey. 2010. Web 23, June 2012.