How do MUSIC and DANCE help to define and differentiate cultural identities in contemporary Colombia In your answer remember to consider the importance of both popular and traditional music in establishing a particular type of national identity

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The variations in composition are as a result of African and European influence, and more recent American and Caribbean forms of music such as Trinnidian, Cuban and Jamaican. Oral tradition is characteristic of folk music in Columbia although composers may choose to use CDs or broadsheets. However, the original type is retained even with the use of these apparatuses. Songs are used to denote a variety of annual celebrations. Other commemorative functions such as weddings, funerals or birthdays are conducted using specific songs and decor. As the country continues to expand, musicians tend to combine traditional forms with more recent secular ones making the hybrid genre lack its culture. Music authenticity is then lost and tends to be associated with the culture from which the mixed form comes from. It can be argued that traditional music has its roots before the trade era (Anderson W Campbell, 2011).
It can be defined as self- recognition or actualization that a given group of people embraces and portrays. The cultural identity of a community is reflected by the majority of people who stand out to be recognized from the minority ones with whom they share the same location and resources within that region. These groups share the same characteristics. share the same values, religion and beliefs as well as perceptions about life and death, marriage, births, children and nature. Their cultural behavior shapes their lifestyles and the way they work towards accomplishing their basic needs. On the other hand, cultural identity can be viewed as how an individual identifies with a particular culture. Culture influences an individual’s personality and how he relates with others. Identity shapes ones personal character. When one calls himself as an African, Indian, Christian or Mary, he is implying a pattern of images that are recognizable by others. Erickson asserts that all