How did the French &amp

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Indian War shape the American RevolutionHow did the French amp. Indian War shape the American Revolution? The war between the French and the Indian(1754-1763) is strongly linked to playing a significant role in shaping the American Revolution. The war between the French and the British was sparked with the firm determination of controlling the northern parts of the American lands, specifically around the Ohio River Valley and Great Lakes. The war between the British escalated as more white men start to frequent in the native land of Ohio River Valley. As a reaction from the Native Americans, George Washington opens fire on kills a French scouting party in Ohio. This action by George Washington sparks the war between the French and the Indians1. The impact of fighting both the Indians and the French is too enormous for the British government. To recover the enormous debts incurred, the British under King George introduces ridiculous taxes on the Native Americans. The move by the British to impose heavy taxes on the Native Americans elicits anger amongst the Americans, who come up with their reactionary tactics. To show their anger, the Americans start to boycott the British commodities that were highly taxed. Protest groups break off and start protesting against the brutal imposition of taxation on the American soil2. Sam Adams, an outspoken leader, leads protests in parts of Boston. Most officials from the American counties join sooth and demand for justice and fair representation. More reactionary actions from the Americans start slowly and become a very strong movement of revolution against the British. BibliographyMurrin, John. The French and Indian War, the American Revolution, and the Counterfactual Hypothesis: Reflections on Lawrence Henry Gipson and John Shy.2011.Web. 19 May 2015. Retrieved from: