How did Technology connected our modern society together (such as Iphone)

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This paper casts light upon the fact that IT has removed the distance barriers and the world is converging to a common culture. This is mainly the culture introduced by IT products which are used all over the world. It is interesting to mention that many of these products are outcome of combined efforts of experts from various countries of the world. An example is iPhone. It is the superb invention of the modern age which has connected the entire world in a unique way. iPhone is the invention of Apple Computers, a well known brand in the field of computer technologies. It is a smart phone which contains uncountable features in it.
iPhone is based on advanced technology. The idea was conceived by Steve Jobs (Imbimbo 6). it was materialised by Apple Computers, which is located in California, USA. Apple Computers required certain other gadgets for its production, like the mini size camera, handsets, display screen, sound system, special software and many other things. Apple Computers invited the participation of many other business entities to design this wonderful product. Finally, the display screen was imported by Japan or Korea. The final product was assembled in China and was launched for sale in the global market.
The credit for inventing this beautiful product is given to Apple Computers for conceiving its idea, but they also have given due credit to all the countries and companies from which they imported the material. It is because the idea of iPhone was materialised with the help of the gadgets imported from the various domains.
iPhone is an amazing product which has captured huge market all over the world. It attracted youngsters as well as businessmen. This product is unique in the sense that its target market encompasses various groups and people of many professions. It is not the need yet it is felt no less important than the basic tool nowadays.