How culture influence Management style

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The emergence of a global economy and the dissolution of the national boundaries due to the advancement of information and communication technology, have forced the organizations to constantly re-evaluate strategies and operations so as to remain competitive (Buttery amp. Holt, 2000). With workplaces having people from diverse cultural backgrounds, with virtual teams working across continents culture plays a significant role in how the firms operate and manage business.Culture has always been a source of influence on human behaviour. It is essential to note that culture has a major impact on the human behaviour. Also the performance of an individual at a work place is directly impacted by the culture of the organisation. The culture of the organisation is generally dependent on the management of the organisation and the way the culture of the organisation is managed can impact the overall working within the company. Various functions of the organisation such as planning, controlling the different aspects of organisation, setting goal, coordinating are the key responsibilities of the management and together they contribute to the culture of the organisation as well. The role of managers becomes more complex and difficult in case of Multinational Companies (MNCs) as the managers located at overseas locations or expatriate managers face the daunting challenge of managing people from different cultures. The managers need to concentrate on the employees and there is a clear need to be able to balance the employees and manage them well. By doing so, the company’s culture will be very high and there will also be a chance for the employees to grow and develop and perform better here.The attitude of the managers and the focus with which they work towards the development of the culture in the company can have a clear impact on the