How Can Someone Look Over Spelling Grammar And Sentence Structure And Rewarding Necessary On My Paper I Will Be

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How can someone look over spelling, grammar and sentence structure and rewarding necessary on my paper I will be



I really enjoyed the way this book flowed and was written. He really spoke upon how good occupations can be. There are many things that were spoken on consumptions. In the first section he said that listeners don’t really listen. Peterson says that most of us think we listen well, but we don’t (Peterson 2007,16). We need to have good consummation. Sometimes we can be flat and are not properly assessing emotions. Often, when we do not pay attention we may forget important information. For example these could mean forgetting names or forgetting answers for a test. People who do not truly listen wont get he right information or get the wrong information. So, if someone says something the person may hear it wrong and may think they may have heard something else. These people who do not truly listen and take in consideration of emotions and peoples life will become unreliable and people may not want to talk to them or rely on them as much. Peterson gives great tools to help people vent and share emotions, so that they can have good communication.

Peterson offers 33 tools to help people in these situations. These 33 tools are spread over the whole entire book. These tools are very helpful in helping people become strong with them being able to listen. Many of these tools are surrounded by the Talker-Listener Card (TLC) (Peterson 2007, 70_. This is discussed throughout the second section of the book. The one thing that he laid out out in dead tail was the talker and listener roles. Throughout theses talker and listener roles he discusses what is good and what to avoid. In order for people to feel heard he wants there to be one talker at a time. In order for people to become good in communication is to make sure that you have the right tools and pay attention to what is going on. Be a good listener. People need to pay attention and be a good talk-listener, so that people can feel respected and know that their emotions are counted for.


I had always been a good listener. However, I have never been much of a talker it always had deepened on the situation. With my family and friends I would talk and have great conversations. However, when I was around new people or in a class setting I was not much one to talk. I never thought that what I had to say was important or I would be wrong when I spoke. This book helped me learn new ways . What I learned was para-feeling puts the talkers feelings into your own word (Peterson 2007, 360. This will help the person who does not want to speak to feel safer and not have to talk as much. I can use this and many other tools to strengthen my communication skills.


I have had issues with communication over the years. Some by people not listening to me and sometimes me not talking enough. This can often put a strain on my relationship with people. It is always good to learn and be able to expand ones knowledge and conversational skills. In a world full of social media I never really do much interaction. I can just text my friend and never really be face to face with someone unless I want to see them in person. I really like how this book teaches us and guides us to become better talker-listeners. In a world were we are becoming more and more disconnected and just facing a screen this book can truly help in giving good tools. I now know that I need to practice and become a better talker. I need to have a voice. There is balance in everything. We must grasp and understand how communication works.


I really like the TLC. This can really help not only me but others in becoming stronger in communication. I remember when I went to camp when I was in sixth grade. We all had to talk and all had to listen. The one thing my leader did was have a ball. We would pass it around and when someone had the ball they would be the only one that could talk. The leader old sometimes ask a question and throw the ball to someone to make sure we were listening. This was a great learning experience and connects with the book every well. As I get older I want too put my talking-listening skills to the trust. I want to make sure I have my voice be heard and listen to all those around me. Everyone can always learn and grow and this book is great when learning and becoming stronger in conversation.