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In other words, a computer system is created to maximise its benefits. We can actually see this happening now. Below are some actual observations we can associate with a computer system and its various benefits it offers to the humanity.
Today, wherever we go, we always encounter highly systematic and computerized services, gadgets and other related technologies. Starting with our private and personal needs, many of them are now integrated with computer systems. Our mobile phones for instance, are designed with high ability to function based on a complex computerised system. Mobile phones for instance, have been revolutionised into smartphones with various features aside from their basic functions. With smartphones, we can connect to the whole world. extend our social networks and make it live wherever we go. we can shop in abundance or initiate business and conduct other related transactions. we can download and upload almost everything at anytime with all convenience and more. These are just some added features we can encounter with a highly innovative smartphones today aside from the very basic features of calling and sending or receiving short message service (SMS). For online access, we can even connect it anytime and almost everywhere to Wi-Fi zones and fast-speed internet broadband connections, which also perform at their best via assistance of a computer system. In addition to meeting our personal needs, the design of musical gadget such as iPods can play music and do more complex tasks with the use of simple features and commands, all are made possible because of intricate and powerful design of a working computer system. Furthermore, we can withdraw and transfer money from anywhere because of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) working online, 24 hours a day in a week, which allow us to insert our ATM cards designed to function in perfect compatibility with various banking machines. In fact, our banking