Housing Sector in UK

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The housing location being discussed in this paper is located at Grovewood Hill along the Burnbrae Drive at Edinburgh. The view of the typical houses being discussed here is shown in the figure 1. Theses houses are mostly constructed of burned clay bricks, cement and mortar. This practice of housing was found to exist from atleast 100 years in this region and the sector also boasts of providing huge labour employment in the country. This is a scenario of affluent people who could afford independent dwelling units in the places or locations of their choice. But the huge number of migrant labours and working class who makes their living by working in the city find their shelter along the slums that have come up in the city outskirts.
This volume of occupants tends to increase at an astonishing rate as the more of the development takes place. The housing sector too shows a skewed growth in the urban centres with the slum dwellers increasing in the city suburbs and the planned housing developments moving to the outskirts. …
The location of the study at Groovewood Hill was chosen based on the easy access and also being the location well known to the student. The primary data collection was based on the interview technique with the help of a prepared questionnaire. Also, the information already available with the student researcher have also been used in the interpretation of the data. Also, the discussions with the housing association members and the estate manager was carried out to explore the various operation constrains and main characteristics of the housing locality. The secondary information was collected from already published materials and other reports. Based of the data collected the analysis is carried out and required information is presented in the subsequent sections.
4. Findings and Discussion
4.1 Nature and type of construction
Figure 2 : Perspective of the house
The sample house chosen from the locality was constructed with strong reliance on the architectural masonry almost 5 years back. It was the time when sudden development initiatives have begun and the building industry was experiencing boom. This was also the time when new methods and materials were also tried. But the labour force as well as contractors were less reluctant to change and hence the advantage it promised in the initial stages was not attained. The construction process progressed more based on the skill set of the masons rather than the advances proposed by the technocrats .Most of the houses being discussed here are two storied residential unit built in country burned bricks, cement and concrete. The roof is made in reinforced cement concrete. The interiors have been designed incorporating the techniques of passive heating /cooling technologies. Thus optimizing