Housewife and Successful Managers

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The researcher describes that the women in the housewife category are responsible for their entire households. Some of the women around the world decide to leave the paid workforce to concentrate on household responsibilities at their homes. These women may quit either partially, to provide childcare for their younger children, they may also be involved in part-time work from the paid workforce and they may return to either partial or fulltime work when their children have reached the schooling age. As they stay home, homemakers may increase their skills by either joining institutions to gain more knowledge on certain fields. It is stated that management is a way in which a family identifies and deals with current and the anticipated future changes. It involves a series of decision-making processes, that housewifes do and influence the general objectives and goals of the family. Regardless of limitations of resources, effective home management can guarantee achievement of desired objectives and goals. It involves planning, controlling and evaluation using the modern management techniques.The family as an entity or organization needs management. Housewives are regarded as the successful managers of their own homes, as they are the principle members of the family involved in the overall foresight of activities within a given family, which they have done with utmost efforts to ensure that the families have at least the basic requirement needs and that the families are driving towards a given direction towards a given goal.