Hotel Paris

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Ethics is the act of doing right or wrong. The aim of ethics in any profit-making firm is to promote fairness, justice and equality. This promotes a human behavior that is acceptable. This will automatically reflect in the quality of services and productivity. Highly recognized ethical behavior reduces conflicts between employees, employee and employer, the firm and the organization. Hotel Paris is one firm aiming at maximizing its profits through provision of quality services to its guests. To do this, ethical behavior among employees must be standard and maintained.For instance, presentation of a new code of ethics and set of ethical guidelines is a big improvement in administering ethics among employees because they will govern their moral behavior in satisfying their guests. This improves teamwork hence high productivity because the employees must adhere to these guidelines and behave ethically. It also improves the employees’ commitment in work. In addition, it helps employees in situations of ethical dilemmas. They are able to consider both their interests and the hotels interest. This enables them to make an ethical decision based on fairness. In addition, this code of ethics improves the employer employee relationship. These set of guidelines helps the employees meet their obligations towards the organization, their coworkers, and customers. Moreover, the act of top executives of being the role model in exercising fairness, honesty, and justice in the company changes the employees’ attitudes. The top officials influence the employee’s ethical behaviors. If they make ethical decisions that are in accordance with the set of ethical guidelines and code of ethics, then the employees will follow the same. The top executives must be moral persons and moral leaders. Their ethical leadership determines the ethical behavior in the organization and this facilitates effectiveness in the company’s day-to-day operations. Moreover, the online training programs are efficient and effective in understanding the importance of ethical behavior in the company.The step of a transparent and honest selection and hiring process promotes fairness and reduces cases of corruption in the company. This means that the process only allows the qualified staff to get the job regardless of the race, color, tribe or status. The performance appraisal process is clear to avoid distributive injustice. The process clearly indicates who deserves it. This promotes fairness and avoids grievances. In addition, the revision of the disciplinary process will promote corrective justice. Instituting a new discipline without punishment system will ensure fair treatment in disciplines. Some employees’ will not feel harassed and mistreated because they committed a crime or fraud. The dismissal process will be clear for fair and moral judgment to prevail. All these amendments will paint a good picture of the hotel and this will attract more guests hence increased revenues.The hotel need to take the following steps to improve fairness, equality and justice in the company: during selection, they need to hire ethical person fairly, they need to conduct the performance appraisal fairly and reward them fairly and finally treat the employees fairly and equally regardless of their differences and this will improve the ethics in the company.