Hotel Operations in Holiday Inn Guildford

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The front office is in charge of welcoming guests, registering them, assigning guest rooms, and checks them out in addition to providing answers to questions about the hotel and the community (Jansen Pennekamp 90). The largest department is the housekeeping which takes care of cleanliness.Duties of the client journey department involve making guests happy, anticipating, meeting, and fulfilling guest needs and queries. In addition, one has to assist guests check-in and out of the hotel, ensure that the internet is operating optimally and answer the telephone. The customer journey team has to possess the ability to describe their products, services, and other information about the hotel as requested by a guest. Staffs have to ensure that the best quality services are provided to the customer (Staudt 61).Housekeeping involves the management of duties and chores required in the daily running of the hotel. The duties include room cleaning, room checking, hotel maintenance, and laundry. These tasks are performed by room attendants and housekeeping managers. Room attendants have to follow the I CLEAN process in order to make sure that they do every task and did not miss anything. After the rooms are cleaned, the housekeeping manager will be in charge of checking the rooms to see if they are cleaned well and to ensure that no dust or rubbish is left inside the room. They are also required to check whether all electrical appliances in the room are working well.The primary roles of the head of the housekeeping department are to ensure supervision and well-coordinated guestroom bedroom floors and the housekeeping office or linens rooms. He has to provide health and safety regulations and maintain high standards while retaining a close working relationship with the General Manager. It is to make sure that the housekeeping department meets its daily requirement of high quality of the Holiday Inn Guildford brand.