Hospitality Operations Management Critically evaluate how the configuration of hospitality resources can help achieve financial targets while satisfying customers

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It may always be a challenge for similar businesses on how to achieve these objectives. So as to make a research and give a comprehensive analysis, this paper is made. This presents discussions on the vitality of products and services in a business setting. However, issues on configuring them would mean a lot. However, there may be effective theories and models to be utilized in order to achieve such configuration.Customer satisfaction, perhaps in most cases, can be derived out from how customers are pleased and to what extent are they being fulfilled towards an experienced product or a service. According to Anderson and Sullivan (cited in Gungor 2007), customer satisfaction is given with the regards as the general basis of customers’ assessment as to how a product or a service at certain, has met the assumptions of the customers. With this idea available, it can be construed that the involvement of the products and services, by any variety, is highly directing towards meeting customer satisfaction. From the time products and services reached a certain person and had it consumed or experienced, that particular person, by all means, may give an opinion instantly. The outcome of such opinion conveys that if such opinion refers to a positive one, it may imply customer satisfaction. However, if it refers to a negative one, it may also imply customer dissatisfaction which according to Engel, Blackwell, and Miniard (cited in Gungor 2007), is the result of a customer assumption unable to be met.Meanwhile, Lamb, Hair, and McDaniel (2009) discussed on their book about the extensive mission statement carried by a lot of companies, which states the concept of offering products with high-grade quality toward the global market. This widely-used mission statement clearly explains how many companies are seriously viewing the quality of products as an asset in achieving customer