Honesty and trust

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However, transferring values into action can be quite difficult. This is applicable for the most widely shared values also. However, action is something which is badly needed to promote the concept of academic integrity. Researchers have agreed over the fact cheating among American colleges and high school kids are quite high and the rate is also increasing. Increasing competitiveness among the students as well as the high stakes associated with the results of the exams is treated as the two most important reasons for the boost in the academic dishonesty. Academic dishonesty is not new and has been present in the education system for many decades. However, the rise of the digital medium in the form of internet has changed the way in which the students look to adopt unfair means to go ahead academically. The present study has been conducted in lieu to analyze the ever rising problem of academic dishonesty. During the course of the study, various recent research studies related to academic dishonesty has been analyzed to find out the root cause of the problem. Also some probable measures to solve the problem of the academic dishonesty have also been discussed (Strom amp. Strom, 2007). … The practices of academic dishonesty have increased steadily since studies revealed as many as eighty to ninety percent of the students admitted of cheating during exams or assignments. Students have admitted the main reason for cheating is the increasing pressure to keep up with other peers. One of the academic professionals were found saying that pressure to attain high scores is extremely high. Therefore, the administrators and the teachers have made the standard tests untrustworthy. Students usually cheat on regular basis when the objective of the students is lot more concentrated on grades and performance rather than learning and gaining knowledge. One must demonstrate that the students are more inclined towards cheating while answering questions. Some of the academic professionals actually believe there is a fundamental error within the mindset of the students. At this point of time the students are more extrinsically focused on ego rather than mastery or learning. both of which happen to be intrinsic factors. Also another major reason could be the fact that the students do not believe when they do not feel confident about their own abilities. Also is the cost of getting caught while cheating is small, cheating becomes a lot more appealing. Going back to the factor related to intrinsic, it has been found through research that students who are more focused on learning are less likely to cheat. College students said that they are less likely to cheat when the classes are quite interesting. Sometimes students also cheat due to the pressure to get higher grades to enter into a certain college. This extra pressure also sometimes leads the students towards cheating. Such pressure can come from teachers, friends as well as family members