Homosexuality should be socially accepted in China

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1. Lots discrimination to homosexuals is also the main reason why most of them get married to the opposite sex, this is usually not out of love but because they want to camouflage (Der Spiegel). Such marriages normally result to break ups.2. Another reason why homosexuals get married to the opposite sex is due to fear of stigmatization. According to Chinese culture, bearing children is a sign of prestige and honor. Therefore, same sex marriages, apart from being seen as a taboo, it is also against the Chinese religion (Der Spiegel).1. According to China’s ministry of health, the rate of homosexuals contracting Aids is becoming an issue of national concern. This is because statistics show that the rate of Aids in homosexuals is above average and keeps rising annually. This rate is almost 88% higher than the general population (Der Spiegel).2. Apart from the ministry of health, part of the Chinese government is against the legalization of homosexuality. The government through the civil affairs department, human province, firmly stated that homosexuality was not only a violation of morals but also the spiritual civil construction (Tatlow).Although homosexuals need to be recognized and granted their civil rights, the rate at which gays and lesbians are contracting Aids is appalling and need to be given much consideration. Sine many homosexuals are married to partners of the opposite sex for fear of victimization and discrimination, the government ought to realize that those opposite sex partners are at a high risk of contracting the disease. Therefore, by legalizing homosexuality, the government will have helped minimize the rate of aids in married couples.Since foundation of the People’s Republic in 1949, homosexuals in china have undergone many horrific situations such as victimization, torture and stigmatization. Legalizing