Homosexual Rights

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In order to fight for their rights, they need to overcome and cope with all the perceptions and ridicules from members of the society.Taiwan is one of the first Chinese countries to advocate for homosexual rights when they launched they gay parade in 2003. Whilst some people think that Taiwan may tolerate homosexuality, the reality is that many people in different communities feel humiliated by this practice of homosexuality. Homosexuality will take some time to be accepted by all members of the society though lesbians and gays argue that they have the same rights like other heterosexuals. This is the reason why they are advocating for equal rights since they argue that they have a choice to choose a partner they want.Lesbian and gay activists in this country believe that they are just like any other human being and they want their rights to be recognized by all people in their respective societies. They think that their portrayal by some people is blown out of proportion since they live normal lives just like any other human beings. During the past, homosexuality existed in Taiwan but it was not easy identify the gays and lesbians since this practice was ridiculed by the other members of the community. Therefore, homosexuality was a private affair between the two people involved. However, the society in Taiwan has changed dramatically given that the youths who practice homosexuality are openly advocating for their rights after realizing that they are a minority group that has been sidelined as a result of their sexual orientation. This group has little or no protection at all from the government.. The military excludes homosexuals on the basis that these people are regarded as miscreants in society and they do not deserve to be given first class treatment by virtue of their sexual orientation. Moreover, many parents do not support their homosexuality among their children since they regard this