HoltGimenez and Patel

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The significance of the poverty claim is that it helps in realizing the people that are prone to hunger in a country. This makes it easier for a country to budget for its people in the consumption of food (Holt-Gimenezamp. Patel, 19).My objection to this claim is that poverty cannot be the reason for the increase in the world hunger in the 21st century. This is because there have been great inventions with the time of modern farming methods. The methods such as irrigation make it possible to grow crops and harvest them in places with a dry climate. Governments and NGOs should play a great role in society by coming up with projects to empower people that depend on farming. They should mobilize experts in farming to work with the communities so as the food products may increase worldwide (Holt-Gimenezamp. Patel, 88-100). The impact of empowering the poor with farming skills will result in no incidences of the hunger crisis. In conclusion, it will also increase the GDP of the country, thus there is a stable economy.