History of Hologram

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The laser, producing a high level of the coherent light source, was used in 1962 in Gabor’s experiment, and the scientists, Emmett Leith, and Juris Upatnieks produced a transmission hologram with a bird and toy train. It was a three-dimensional hologram, which could only be seen with a laser. A reflection hologram was produced in the same year by Uri N. Denisyuk, to view which ordinary light was used instead of the laser beam. However, in 1968, Stephen A. Benton produced a transmission hologram which could be viewed in ordinary light like that of a bulb. Hence, the production of embossed holograms started on a massive scale. In 1972, a moving hologram was produced by Lloyd Cross, in which he marked sequential streams of moving objects onto a holographic film instead of the conventional picture film. Hence, the history of hologram starts back from 1947.
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