History Consuption of BLUE JEANS (FASHION in U S History) assignment

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It looked dark blue as it was generally colored with indigo, a type of colorant derived from plants in India and America. Almost 20 million tons of indigo is produced for the dyeing of jeans every year, though each pair of jeans requires only a few grams of the dye. It was worn by workers as the fabric was very durable and strong.
Gold was found in California in the year 1848 which gave rise to the popular Gold rush, the workers of the gold mine required long lasting cloths that would last long and not be worn off easily. A man called Leob Strauss who lived in New York shifted to San Francisco which is quite close to California and started a wholesale business of supplying clothes, later he changed his name to Levi from Leob, who the founder of the well known Levis Jeans Company.
The major problem faced by the miners was that the pockets of their jeans would easily tear away from the jeans, so a person called Jacob Davis thought of an idea to overcome this problem. He had the idea of using metal fasteners to prevent the pockets from tearing away and to hold the pockets and the jeans together. Davis wanted to copyright his idea but due to lack of funds. He could not do so. In the year 1872 Davis sent a written proposal to Strauss, offering him a deal if Strauss agreed to pay fort the copyright, the proposal was accepted by Strauss and Davis started manufacturing copper fasteners.
Levi attached a leather label on their jeans in the year 1886. it displayed two horses pulling a pair of jeans from in opposite directions, this was to display and advertise the strength of the jeans, and represented that even if it is pulled by two horses it would not tear apart.
Hollywood stared making many western movies in 1930’s, where cowboys generally wore denim waist overalls. jeans were called that back then. This denim waist overall that