History and Laws of Abortion in the US

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Abortion has always been a controversial but frequently performed practice in nearly all parts of the world whether it is legal or not. Despite all the moral considerations, abortions were performed legally before 1880 in United States of America. After that most of the states banned the practice with the exception of the case for saving a mother’s life. Anti-abortionist movements, politics, and birth control efforts facilitated anti-abortionist or restrictive legislation throughout history. However, the case of Roe v. Wade and Supreme Court’s decision turned the history in favor of abortion forever in 1973.The abortion history before and after Roe v. Wade is entirely different. The law legalized the practice throughout United States considering it the privacy and right of a woman. The paper explores the history of abortion and laws involved with special emphasis on 1973 Roe v. Wade case.According to Webster’s New International Pocket Dictionary 1998,The expulsion of a fetus prematurely, miscarriage, the defective result of a premature birth. a monstrosity, and a person or thing that fails to progress or develop normally or as expected (as cited in Krieg, 1999, p.4).On the other hand, Webster’s New International Pocket Medical amp. First Aid Dictionary, 1998 refers abortion as, The ultimate termination of a pregnancy, either by natural or artificial means (as cited in Krieg, 1999, p.4).In United States, Abortions became legal after Supreme Court’s decision of the case Roe v. Wade in 1973.But the history of abortions dates back to the time when earliest settlers of this land arrived. In American colonies, English Common Law was adopted that prohibited abortion. It was considered a misdemeanor if performed before quickening while after quickening, it was considered to be felony. In early 1800s, the discovery about conception and