History 1311

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Q Colonization of America The initial European colonization of the Americas begun early in the 10th century after Norse sailors explored and settled in some parts of the continent in what is today Greenland and parts of Canada (Traboulay 4). The settlements however collapsed after around a century because of mostly violent interaction between the natives and the newcomers. The Spanish then commenced the first successful colonization in 1442 with Cristopher Columbus’ exploration. for the Spanish, their main interest in America was economic and political since they believed controlling the new world would give them global strategic advantage. The French later came to the new world with the intention of tracing a new route to the pacific ocean but instead ended up colonizing territories such as Quebec where they planted a variety of crops such as wheat and sugar for the home market. However, other European nations most notably England also put a stake in the new world. Their interest, like the Spanish was also both economic and political but the settlers had a more comprehensive list of reasons for exploration. Many of them were escaping the collapsing feudal system that had resulted in rural-urban migration and consequently abject poverty. Others were escaping political instability and hoping to make a fresh start in the colonies. The British throne used the new world a place to dump their unwanted populations. it was common for criminals to be exiled to the new lands. However, with time as the mercantile culture spread in the British lord realized how important the new land could be as a colony where they could grow food for export back home and to their increasing territories around the world. They encouraged settlements and after a time they took over, eventually colonized, and occupied America until they were finally driven out in the 18th century when American seized her independence. Q.2 The American Constitution In 1787, Delegates met in Philadelphia to write a new constitution, which was to replace the articles of the confederation. the delegates wanted to create a constitution that would provide both liberty and order for the chaotic government given the size and diversity of the United States. The new constitution was written with the objective of forging a strong union between the various states as well as create a structure of power that could be checked by the people. Their experience with the British government had taught them of the dangers or a tyrannical government and they ensured to put up checks and balances so that the executive, legislature and judicially could constantly serve as watchdogs over each other. The delegates disagreed bitterly on various parts of the constitution more so in the partitioning of power between the legislature and executive. For example, Alexander Hamilton was of the opinion that order was more critical than liberty while James Madison held that the contrary was true and that the legislature should have more power to protect liberty (Levy 165). The issues were not all resolved and some of them had to be compromised on, however, the constitution was later amended even today it keeps been amended in line with changing circumstances following the guidelines that were put in place for that very purpose.WorksCitedLevy, Leonard Williams.OriginalIntent.theFramers Constitution. Lanham, Maryland Rowman amp. Littlefield, 2000.Print.Traboulay, David M. Columbus.Las Casas:theconquest.Christianization of America, 1492-1566.Lanham, Maryland: UniversityPress of America, 1994. Print.