Historical Homes in Natchez Mississippi

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Natchez is one of Mississippi’s oldest cities and was founded in 1716. It is also famous as the southern terminus of the National Trace Parkway, located along the River Mississippi. Due to its strategic location, the city became famous in American history for the role it played in the development of the Old South West. Lorenz, Karl G. (2000). Natchez is the county seat (National Association of Counties. 2008) of and the largest and only incorporated city within Adams County, Mississippi, in the United States. According to a census taken in 2000, Natchez has a population of about 18, 464 people.
According to archaeological findings, the original site of Natchez was the chief ceremonial village that was occupied by an Indian tribe since the 8th century. The society of Natchez was segregated according to matrilineal descent into nobles and commoners and their chief was called the “Great Sun.” At Natchez, the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians is well preserved as a great National Historic Landmark, and is maintained by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.
Natchez Mississippi is very famous for some of the most interesting historical landmarks in the world. Our study would also cover this aspect of investigating the different important historical landmarks and make a detailed study of each one of them. Some of these important landmarks include Natchez National Historical Park, Fort Rosalie and many other interesting landmarks.
Natchez National Historical Park celebrates the rich and interesting cultural history of Natchez, Mississippi and gives us an interpretation of the pivotal role that the city exhibited in the settlement of the Old Southwest, the Cotton Kingdom and the Antebellum South. The Park comprised of three different units and Fort Rosalie is the location of an 18th Century fortification built by the French which was