High Academic Standard and Respectability

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I was very reserved and shy at first because I did not know how they will receive me or whether I will be welcomed. Then they conducted this “Newbie orientation” which is really a fun way of getting to know everybody in the club. The senior members in the club extended themselves (I think they know we are shy) and sort of “break the ice” by introducing themselves and allowing us to introduce ourselves to everybody. They made the rite fun and non-intimidating that I did not only feel welcome but at home as well.
This story changed my impression of the university and the organization. I used to think that people in the club are snobbish or “mean” until I knew them and found out that they were very nice after all. They were also just like me in many ways. It is really different looking an organization from a distance to knowing them close. More often than not, the impression is wrong because all those impressions were just myths.