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Business Profile A manufacturing corporation maintains the storage of its mission-critical applications on high-end Storage Arrays using RAID 1 volumes. Current Situation/Issue A full backup of their key application is run once a week. The database application takes up 1 TB of storage and has to be shutdown during the course of the full backup. The shutdown of the database is a requirement that cannot be changed. The main concerns of the company are: 1) The backup window is too long and is negatively impacting the business (2 hours). 2) A disaster recovery test with the full backup tapes took an extremely long time (many hours). The company would like to: 1) Reduce the backup window during which the database application is shutdown for a much shorter period (less than ½ hour). 2) Ensure that the RTO from the full backup is reduced to be lesser than an hour. The company’s IT group is interested in leveraging some of the local replication technologies that are available on their high-end array. Proposal Propose a local replication solution to address the company’s concern. Justify how your solution will ensure that the company’s needs are met. 14/05/202010computerscience