Help Desk Support

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The two companies also have LAN support teams to support their networks. However, because of different products, the level of support, as well as the nature of support related to the help desks in the two companies, varies considerably. Because of the merger, there is a requirement to continue the help desk support function at the cutting edge to service the requirements of the merged company, consisting of the former Yorkshire Telecom and Eiffel Telecom as well as their customers. The report considers the help desk requirements of the merged company and evaluates factors related to geographical location, computerized systems, staffing, cost-effectiveness, methods of communications, performance, provisioning as in-house or outsourced as well as matters related to levels of support, help – desk structure, procedures and functions to arrive at recommendations in regard to the help desk for the merged company.The help desk department in a company not only assists the corporate customers, who may have purchased equipment manufactured by the company, but also the company staff with general enquiries related to all aspects of a company which may be required to be answered for the general public. The technology employed in a help desk is usually networked VoIP on a reasonably fast corporate network, with a group of skilled help desk staff who have been trained on corporate products and support, to interact with the public at large. Help desks are, therefore, an important interface which are required to be maintained because they act as a public interface for an organization and are efficiently expected to satisfy general enquiries from the public or to direct them to the more specific and concerned department. Help desks are not just a public interface, but they can also be used to generate knowledge about various aspects of an organization and the products or services that such an organization provides.