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You are designing the following floor system of a building:
Thickness of
slab (h) = 5quot;
20′-0′, typical
You are using the following geometric and material properties for your design:
Reference all sections of ACI that you are using
Concrete compressive strength (fc) = 4000 psi
Yield stress of stirrups and reinforcing bars (fy, fyr) = 60 ksi
Diameter of concrete aggregate (dagg) = 3/4quot;
Interior exposure
Clear span of beam (I,) = 25ft
Density of concrete = 150 pof
The following loads are imposed on your floor system:
Dead Load (D), Not including the self weight of the beam = 1 klf
Live Load (L) = 2 klf
Calculate and determine the following based on the geometric, material, and load properties provided:
a) Calculate the flange width for the T-beam
b) Calculate the ultimate load on the beam considering self weight of the beam using the dimensions
you calculated in (a)
c) Design the beam for shear using #4 stirrups and assuming one row of #8 longitudinal bars.
Indicate the size and spacing of the shear reinforcement required along the length of the beam. Do
not design for more than two different spacings along the length (no stirrups does not count as a
spacing). Please feel free to use the simplified method of design per ACI.
d) Does your stirrup spacing make sense? Pull from class examples.
Where along the length of the beam can stirrups be eliminated? Provide your answer in terms of
distance from the support and the beginning and end of the region. If stirrups can never be
eliminated, please explain in technical terms with ACI section documentation why they cannot.
f) Plot the shear capacity of the beam and shear demand of the beam along the length. Provide
values for locations where the design is critical, and provide a legend for the different lines that
you are drawing. This should look similar to what we do in class.
g) Knowing that the longitudinal tension steel bars are #8 bars, the loading on the beam, and the
length of the beam, can the longitudinal bars be developed?
h) Draw a section and elevation of the beam showing size, spacing, and location of reinforcementEngineering Technology