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(16 points) A news article reports that quot;Americans have differing views on two potentially inconvenient and invasive practices that airports could implement to
uncover potential terrorist attacks.quot; This news piece was based on a survey conducted among a random sample of 1119 adults nationwide, interviewed by
telephone November 7—10, 2010, where one of the questions on the survey was quot;Some airports are now using ‘full—body’ digital x—ray machines to
electronically screen passengers in airport security lines. Do you think these new x—ray machines should or should not be used at airports?quot; Below is a
summary of responses based on party affiliation. Republican Democrat Independent Total
Should 259 295 346 900
Should not 37 54 75 166
Don’t know/No answer 16 15 22 53
Total 312 364 443 1 119 We want to test to determine if party affiliation and opinion are independent using the hypotheses:
H0 2 Party affiliation and opinion are independent
HA : Party affiliation and opinion are not independent Flound all numeric answers to four decimal places.
1. What is the expected value for the number of Republicans who think x—ray machines should be used at airports? 2. Calculate the test statistic for this hypothesis test.
? ‘ = 3. Calculate the degrees of freedom for this test. 4. Calculate the p—value for this hypothesis test. 5. Based on the p—value, we have: A A. some evidence A B. little evidence A c. very strong evidence A D. extremely strong evidence A E. strong evidence that the null model is not a good fit for our observed data. Statistics and Probability