Heart of Change with reference to Jack Welch and GE

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102500 It is evidently clear from the discussion that with the help of the open and honest system, feedback should result in more and more people getting converted in favor of the change that is being introduced in the organization. In such case, the organization needs to help an employee to align his individual goals with the organizational ones. If we look at the result of the Best Practices Program in GE we can find out the impact it had on the thinking of the managers in the organization. It changed their fundamental approach to work. People who worked as corporate audit staff have admitted that they started looking at bigger scales and heights looking for more and more improvement areas. The effectiveness of the change can be enhanced through an individual or a group of individuals who make the change physically happen in front of others. It triggers the feeling of “I did it and you can do it too”. Canadian GE operations that observed and followed practices of a New Zealand shipping firm became an example to follow. The change was so evident that the other GE branches made it a point to visit this unit and implement the changes accordingly. The difficulties in implementing these steps would be 1. Any change that needs to be initiated at the management level has to be associated with the proper delegation of authority. Responsibility without adequate authority is of no use. It holds especially true at the managerial level. It is observed that managers or employees often generate ideas but fail to implement them as they do not have the power to implement nor the ideas are taken into consideration. In such a situation, the enthusiasm of an employee vanishes over a period of time. This becomes a point of danger and caution for an organization. Nongeneration of ideas leads to stagnation and eventual downfall. 2. Creation of a trustworthy environment takes a lot of time. Employee skepticism is usually the main ingredient which stops changes from getting implemented.